Sam still remembered when he and Mog had awoken on the beach.

They had a hangover they thought would leave them to die on the sand and didn’t have a clue how they had ended up there.

The last thing they remembered was the encountering of a giant bearded man sleeping on the grass, offering them a bottle of whisky.

There were flashes of a river, of a fire they had made.

After that, there was nothing.
But they still felt as if they had gone through great adventures, only they could not remember any of it.

The calendar went crazy too: they had been gone for six days.
But they didn’t care about that, after all it was summer.

Sam couldn’t tell what it was, but he felt like a big root of lingering anxiety had been ripped out off him.

He hadn’t felt this light in a very long time, and it wasn’t only because they had probably skipped a few meals over these past six.
At last he was happy this summer, a time of the year he usually hated.

One day, out of nowhere, when he was shaving his beard in his bathroom, a blue light shone from his chest.

Truthfully, he nearly had a stroke.

But the strangest thing happened after that: a voice echoed throughout his head.

“Sam! It’s Eze, long time no see! Well, just to say, you still owe me, and I think this time’s as good as any to collect my debt. Plus, it’s getting really lonely here.”



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