CHAPTER IV : drinks on the table

Sam opened his eyes to a big white room, sitting on a chair in front of a table with tea on it.

Everything was covered in white.
The chairs, table, walls, floor; even the tea cup was white.
There was nothing else, not even a window nor a door.

”Am I dead?”
He asked in a loud voice.

“Is this heaven?”

“Where am I?”
He shouted.

But no one answered, as he was the only person in the room.

A strange noise started in the back of his head.
A cracking sound, like an old vinyl would make, suddenly embraced the entire place.

He saw little color dots, like pixels from a computer, beginning to flow everywhere around, forming pictures on the walls.

Pictures of him, back when he had no beard.

He walked around, looking at them, and noticed people standing beside him.
Who were these people? A ghost passed through him, and he came close to having a heart attack.

Taking a step back, he looked closely at the apparition.
It was a hologram.



They were everywhere in the room now.
The same people with him on the pictures.

”Who are you folks?”
He sighed, “and while we’re at it, who the hell am I?”

It definitely was weird, but he didn’t feel much about it. In fact, he hadn’t felt any real emotion since he had ended up on the island.

But how did he get here in the first place?

He remembered playing in the park and powering up every machine like some crazy Doctor Frankenstein, leading him (possibly) to where he was now.

But it made no sense.

Nobody’s born a grown man on an island full of games and attractions.

He heard voices in the background.

Turning from the pictures on the wall, he saw himself and other figures sitting at the table behind him.

They were holograms too; chatting, looking happy.
All except him.

He knew he had heard these voices before.
He tried to remember, but something in his mind was blocking his memory, like some kind of barricade.

His hologram wasn’t talking much, nodding every now and then.
Something was written on his tea cup, the real one.

“Drink me”.

”Well, I might as well.”

He looked at all the boys and girls, and drank it in one gulp.

Something started screaming inside him, and then he remembered everything.

How he had washed up on the island and had sent everyone to their deaths in the middle of the sea, how he had lost everything waking up on the beach after his trip with Mog.

How he always felt alone even when surrounded by his best friends.
And how stupid it looked now.
The island had made him forget all that, but it wasn’t the only shock.

Whatever was in that tea made him feel more hungover than ever before, like an elephant had slept on his head for years and had woken up only now, relieving all its weight.

He took his face in his hands, stuttering words which made no sense.

The room was spinning, the holograms were repeating themselves, old conversations they had a long time ago; a high pitch sound rang in his ears.

Sam fell on the floor, surrounded by walking memories.